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New forms of mobility offer your employees plenty of opportunities to travel to the office efficiently and sustainably. Especially in the big city. This is the perfect time to involve your employees in a desired behavioural change. With the wide range of travel offers from Amaze, you can support them in making conscious mobility choices. 

and easy to use

See. Book. Ride. It sounds easy, and that's exactly what your employees need when they're planning their trip or need transport in the moment. Overview and simplicity make for a carefree and efficient commute with transport options that connect seamlessly.


How does it work? It's simple. When you open Amaze, you get a complete overview of the available means of transport in your area. Once you have made your choice, you can immediately book your transport for the moments you need it. It's ideal if you need transport on the go or if you want to plan your business trip in advance. With a comprehensive network of sustainable transport options, Amaze lets your employees travel the way they want to!  

Shared cars

Partial transport

Amaze has them all!

Greenwheels, Mywheels, Amber and SHARE NOW. Amaze has them all. Thanks to the extensive network of shared cars in the major cities, there is always plenty of availability. You can make a reservation a few minutes before you want to leave, with a wide choice of different cars and the key is already waiting in the glove compartment. With Amaze, you no longer need your own car for your business trip!

(The use of shared cars helps employers to clean up their car fleet. No more complicated lease constructions, no more maintenance costs and with the obtained user data, as an employer you have a good overview of the occupancy of your car park).

Share scooters

Outsmart motorists in the morning rush hour!

You see them more and more, the electric scooters of Felyx, Check and Tier that outsmart motorists in the morning rush hour on their way to work. Especially in the hustle and bustle of the big city, this is an ideal way for your employees to quickly get to the office or an appointment. The scooters that you can book through Amaze are all electric. Sustainable transport therefore, which directly contributes to reducing CO2 emissions per employee. 

Check shared scooters

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Share bikes

Partial transport
Share bikes

Do you like to get a breath of fresh air to and from work?

Start the day with a good bike ride to work or get some fresh air after a long day at the office. With Amaze, you give your employees the opportunity to get on their bikes whenever they want. There is always a Donkey Republic pickup location nearby, and as a user, you decide how long you rent the bike, until you return it to an available drop-off point. Flexible, sustainable, economical and business cycling makes your employees feel energetic!

Public transportation

OV in the business offer!

Public transport is part of every business mobility offering. So too with Amaze. With all major public transport providers such as NS, GVB, R-Net, Arriva and Connexxion, your employees can use the app for any connection. In the big cities themselves, but also for longer distances if they live further away from the office. And if the bus or train doesn't stop right in front of your door, Amaze can always book a scooter or bicycle, which are available at all major stations and bus stops!

Public transportation


Partial transport

Need to get to Schiphol or a business meeting just outside Amsterdam?

A TCA business taxi is easy to book via Amaze, where the nearest driver is linked to the request. The taxi is therefore always ready in no time to take your employees anywhere, whenever they need to go. Business travel with TCA is electric, so with a taxi via Amaze you always go for sustainability!         


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