Amaze offers felyx a springboard for further growth

20 June 2022

We are proud to have added another major player in shared mobility to our platform. Since last week, we are working together with felyx, the more than successful scale-up that offers electric scooters for more sustainable and shared urban transport. With this partnership, our mobility offering continues to grow, while for felyx it is a great opportunity to also increase the use of their scooters among business travellers.

Growing with a successful concept

When you ask Maarten Poot, one of the founders of felyx, about the future plans of his company, the answer is short but sweet. "To continue to grow." The successful launch in Germany last year, where felyx is active in Hamburg and Berlin, among others, underlines this ambition. The growth strategy that the company has pursued since its start in Amsterdam five years ago has proven to be the right one. "Our thought was that offering shared scooters would be a good mobility concept for the cities of the future." The increased social focus on sustainability and the increasingly congested cities with traffic have been the catalyst for felyx's growth to fifteen cities in three countries (the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany), with a total of around 8,000 scooters available.

Flexibility in the customer journey of travel

According to Maarten Poot, felyx is taking full advantage of the increasing popularity of shared mobility. "Everyone realises that this is an irreversible movement. Cities, residents and users clearly see that they can make their cities more accessible and a lot more liveable. This is clearly visible both from the consumer's point of view and for various vehicle categories. For example, scooters and high-quality e-bikes are also being shared."

As far as he is concerned, the structural change in our future workplace is also an important factor for an increasing focus on partial mobility. "Working from home means that a day is filled differently and there is a greater need for other types of transport, for example not just a private lease car. As a result, people opt for a mobility budget and spend it in a way they think makes sense and also gives them a better travel experience. Flexibility in the customer journey of travel is becoming increasingly important."

Quickly reach an appointment or office by scooter

"Despite all the developments, we will keep our focus on scooters for the time being, because that is where our strength lies", said Maarten Poot when asked whether expansion into other forms of transport is an option. He does see many opportunities for felyx to grow in the business segment. "I started felyx for business with a small team to serve the business traveller. We have noticed that it is difficult to conclude direct agreements with large companies, because they prefer total solutions."

Partnerships such as the one with Amaze are therefore the perfect way for felyx to further serve the business market. "Amaze is a platform that offers the mobility solution large companies are looking for. It is of course ideal for an employer to manage all mobility costs in one platform. With the Amaze platform, there is now an incentive to bring certain forms of shared mobility to the attention of the target group, which are usually those who still use the car a lot. In addition, you are within one app to realise all your transport needs, which includes us. As a result, every use case is different and we can indirectly offer more modalities. We are eagerly looking forward to the results of this collaboration with Amaze!"

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