Business use of shared transport

5 January 2022

Shared transport in Amsterdam

Shared transport is becoming increasingly popular in cities. Amsterdam commissioned a study into how shared transport works, what it contributes to the city and where there is room for improvement. This research shows that many people already use shared transport. In the summer of 2021, for example, as many as 6,000 rides a day were made on a shared scooter in Amsterdam.


With Amaze Mobility, you can now easily use business shared transport. As a company, you contribute directly to the quality of life in the city. 


Why partial transport?

By offering shared transport to your employees, you ensure that they are more likely to opt for existing and more sustainable transport. Research by the municipality of Amsterdam shows that for trips within the city, averaging 4 km, people choose an (electric) shared scooter. For longer trips, public transport or a shared car is used. By using shared transport, companies need less parking space. You also contribute to the quality of life and accessibility of the city. And using shared transport means using your own transport less and that saves costs. 


Sustainable solution

Many companies have not yet included shared transport in their (sustainable) mobility policy. While this does not have to be complicated at all. With a mobility budget within the Amaze Mobility app, as an employer you ensure that your employees can flexibly choose for shared transport or public transport. With the budget, you keep control of the costs, but your employees can choose which transport best suits their business trip at the moment they set off. We call this mobility @ moment of need.


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